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Jasmine for De-Stressing

Gemelle is presenting the flower, Jasmine, as one of the main ingredients of our De-Stress Body Oil. Not only is it known for its strong, pleasant and flowery aroma, we also chose it specifically for its ability to calm the nerves, soothe anxiety and mild depression, and facilitate rest and quality sleep. As one of Gemelle’s signature body oils, this new essential self-care tool is an object of desire, for it reveals a profusion of well-balanced botanicals and oils which are blended to perfection, the result of meticulous formulations to produce a unique sensory experience.


Scientists have discovered the link between the jasmine aroma and a relaxed mood, which may be among the strongest arguments in support of using an oil such as the Gemelle De-Stress Oil. We created this unique self-care oil for you to use at home or on the go, to enhance your natural glow and mental well-being.

Frequently massage a few drops into your body stress points to invite calmness & manage daily anxieties.

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Daily De Stress Single 719 x 782px
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